Walking Shapes


The tradition of artists and musicians living side by side under one roof sounds like a dream of New York past, the times when folksingers congregated in Greenwich Village, rockers crashed at the Chelsea Hotel, punk and new wave flourished on the Lower East Side’s clubs and lofts and hip hop was birthed in the streets and parks of the boroughs. Walking Shapes carry forward that collective energy, injecting the spirit of the city’s noises and the souls of its people into their music.

Formed in the wake of artistic collaborations, Walking Shapes is the living and breathing result of a unique creative environment, centered in a house on Kingsland Avenue in Brooklyn owned by visual artist Joseph Grazi, which frequents creative types such as actors, artists, musicians.

The band is comprised of songwriters Nathaniel Hoho (vocals, guitar), Dan Krysa (bass, vocals), and violinist Jesse Kotansky (guitar, violin, vocals) with the live support of music producer Mike Irish (keys), and drummer Mason Ingram.

For their debut album ‘Taka Come On,’ Walking Shapes teamed up with producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson). “Working with Gus allows us to create beauty out of chaos and send it back out into the world,” describes the band.

The band has toured internationally, playing along side artists Albert Hammond Jr., The Temper Trap, Oh land, Leon Bridges, Run the Jewels and Chromeo amongst others. They have plans to return the studio with Oberg for their follow up to ‘Taka Come On.’

Walking Shapes has been featured in publications including Spin, Interview Magazine, Earmilk, MTV, Village Voice, Revolt, The Wild Magazine, BULLETT and more.

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Nathaniel Hoho – vocals, guitar
Jesse Kotansky – guitar, violin, vocals
Dan Krysa – bass, vocals
Mike Irish – keys, vocals
Mason Ingram – drums


Management – 
Zeshan Ahmad – zsa@zeshanholdings.com
Julie Bernouis – jbernouis@me.com

Label – info@noshame.com

Booking Agent –
US BOOKINGS: Jonathan Adelman – jadelman@paradigmagency.com
UK/EUROPE BOOKINGS: Olly Hodgson – olly@codaagency.com


Walking Shapes – Taka Come On (LP)
Release date: April 8th, 2014

1. Woah Tiger
2. Milo’s Shell
3. Find Me
4. Winter fell
5. In The Wake
6. Mussolini
7. Let It Will
8. Saturday Song
9. (no)
10. Feel Good
11. Measure for Measure
12. Chinatown
13. The Right Time

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Walking Shapes – Mixtape (Volume 1)
Release date: July 30th, 2013


1. Pusher
2. Horse
3. Mechanical Arms
4. Keep
5. Elle Deadsex
6. Bison
7. Lighter
8. Champagne
9. Lost (Frank Ocean cover ft. Seasick Mama)
10. Zombies (ft. Ferrari Truck)
11. Pusher (Japanster Remix)
12. Lighter (Mike Irish Remix)
13. Keep (Mike Irish Remix)

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