SPIN premieres new Walking Shapes music video “Horse”!



Today, We are very excited to announce the premiere of the new music video for “Horse” by Walking Shapes on SPIN! Watch the music video now HERE.

“Horse”, the latest offering from Walking Shapes, is a beautifully poignant video charting the fate of two opposing factions in their quest for schoolyard survival. Directed by Eamon O’Rourke, the video features a scrappy yet brave group of prepubescent misfits who mete out their own form of justice on a set of playground bullies. “The video is about the dichotomy of the world, and politics, squashed into a playground setting,” explains Jesse of Walking Shapes.

Walking Shapes was thrilled to work with a talented crew of young actors to make the video, including Lucia Ryan (girl on the horse) who is part of a film production company called Peanut Blooder & Jelly Studios, five New Jersey kids between 8 and 12 who make horror flicks, and who just launched a Kickstarter video to raise money for their upcoming movie, “Ring Around the Rosy”. Check out the Peanut Blooder & Jelly Studios Kickstarter campaign here.

Watch “Horse” below!

Photo Credit to Emily Winiker