Songster Features Loveskills Ex-Files & Cover Me


loveskills ex files on songster

Test your LOVESKILLS skills when you collect this week’s free featured song pack, “Ex Files”. Plus, search the Songster music store to find a bonus track by this artist!

Mowgli’s first game, Songster, is the first and only music creation social game on Facebook, allowing players to create songs with friends. Players can build their songs with layers of instrument and vocal loops. They can even create their own melodies with just a flick of their fingers. And all of this can be done while working with friends on the same song. Songster’s unique gameplay experience will not only keep players engaged for the long term – a major issue in social gaming – but will encourage them to spread the word to their friends just as they would a new hit song. 

In addition to the creation aspects of the game, Songster players will follow a compelling storyline of a fledging band/artist working their way up through the ranks of the music industry. Players will unlock achievements ranging from hiring a manager to signing sponsorship and record deals as they progress through the game. We believe this combination of storyline and real music creation will captivate a gaming audience in ways other social games cannot.”