Seasick Mama ‘Tip Top Shape’ EP Out Today (11/5)


Seasick Mama‘s long awaited EP Tip Top Shape is out today, November 5. After months of studio time, and contributions from producers, Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), Peter Wade (MDNR), Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet), Mark Turrigiano (Lissy Trullie) and Joel Shearer (Pedestrian), the artist’s most ambitious, diverse and catchy collection of songs is available to the public. Tip Top Shape takes the strong songwriting heard on her previous releases and pushes it further with complex melodies and more refined song structures. You can purchase the EP now here.

Aside from spending her time in the studio, Seasick Mama has been plenty busy building support for the new release. She was MySpace’s Artist of the Day back in September, had exclusive interviews on blogs ViceInterview Magazine, and Societe Perrier (to name a few…), recorded live sessions on BalconyTV and Wild Honey Pie, and also recorded a cinematic music video for her single ‘Man Overboard’ in the Dominican Republic.

Seasick Mama – Tip Top Shape EP
Catalog ID: NS113


Purchase the EP here.

1. Gimme Something More To Work With
2. Man Overboard
3. Rules Don’t Apply
4. Tees & Jeans
5. Holy Smokes
6. Bite Bullet
7. Cooked Inside Out


Watch the music video for “Man Overboard”:


Watch a live performance on Balcony TV:


Check out Seasick Mama’s Buzzsession on Wild Honey Pie:


What people are saying about Seasick Mama:

“Seasick Mama’s crept over to music. When it comes to music, she’s powerful, sexy… all about sending a message that you have to be strong to survive, true to yourself, creative.” – MySpace

“If you don’t take an opportunity or a chance on something, then you’re going to be playing that “What if?” game for the rest of your life.” – Interview Magazine

“Tip Top Shape is a clear and smooth transition into a more polished and fascinating music direction for Seasick Mama delivered with a voice that will make hum along to every tune.” – LadyGunn Magazine

“Over a tropical beat lead by mid-tempo guitar riffs and bright keys on the song “Man Overboard”, she sings poppy vocals with empowering lyrics about not settling for a relationship that you’re unhappy in, and advising to do what’s best for yourself. ” Crayon Beats

“It’s very clear that Seasick Mama isn’t the kind of woman, or by extension, the kind of band, that waits for anyone. They’re forging their own path with catchy music that spans multiple genres..” – Paper Blog

Seasick Mama ‘Tip Top Shape’