Seasick Mama releases the debut EP “Dead Like Money”!


Just to be clear, Seasick Mama is not encouraging people to live a work-free lifestyle with her single “Quit Your Job”. Instead she’s implying that one should never settle for a position or place that makes them unhappy. It’s an idea; it’s an attitude, a mantra to never settle.

Today, we are happy to introduce the rest of Seasick Mama’s story with her debut EP Dead Like Money. After a year in the making, produced by Mark Turrigiano, DLM truly expresses Seasick Mama’s desire to not be bound by one idea. Each song stands on its own as a snapshot of our past, present, and future. “It offers a variety pack of introspective emotions. Regardless of brutally honest lyrics, it also feels like freedom” (Star News).

The seven song EP (available on iTunes) pushes expression and freedom to new levels. It is a true tale of Seasick Mama, that she will not be bound by the conventions of our day. “[Dead Like Money] says a lot about what this woman can achieve in the following months” (The Wild Magazine). The record is raw and dirty, with mentions of three-somes and cheating. Pop meets gritty rock. The music is phenomenally smart. This hip-swaying record will kick-punch you in the face and is a powerful introduction for Seasick Mama to the music world.


Seasick Mama – Dead Like Money
Catalog ID: NS104
Release Date: February 19th, 2013

1. Quit Your Job
2. A Company
3. Destroyer
4. Pumping
5. Old Man Blues
6. Graveyard Perfume
7. Dead Like Money