Pompeya ‘Real’ Limited Edition 12” Vinyl Out Today

Pompeya are set to release the vinyl edition of their LP Real, today, July 31st. The band officially released the CD and digital versions of the album back in May. Each purchase of the LP will come with a digital download, which will include a bonus track, not available anywhere else.

You can purchase the LP, CD and digital version of the album, at the Real album page on our website, by clicking here. Check out the album artwork and track-listing below.

Pompeya – Real (LP)

Release date: May 5th, 2015

Catalog ID: NS-130


1. Anyway
2. Pasadena
3. OOOOO (Cry About It)
4. To The Orient
5. Real
6. Liar
7. Hysteria
8. Tell Me, Tell Me
9. To A Kid
10. Last One

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