Pompeya Real OUT TODAY // May 5, 2015

Today, May 5th, 2015, Pompeya has released the high anticipated album Real. This is the group’s first full-length since 2013’s Tropical, and the first release since last year’s Night EPReal was co-produced by Brian Mctear (Local NativesThe War on DrugsTwin Sister), who also collaborated with the band on the Night EP. The recording locations of the album span across cities: Philadelphia, New York City, Savannah, and Orlando.

Pompeya has already released a bunch of assets from the album, incudling: two singles (“Liar” and “Pasadena”), a remix by Jerome LOL and a music video for “Liar”, directed by Alexander Khudokon and Leyla Masharipova. They’ve been featured on a variety of publications. Below is a list of some press already received for the album.

Pompeya – Real (LP)

Release date: May 5th, 2015

Catalog ID: NS-130


1. Anyway
2. Pasadena
3. OOOOO (Cry About It)
4. To The Orient
5. Real
6. Liar
7. Hysteria
8. Tell Me, Tell Me
9. To A Kid
10. Last One

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