Live Fast Magazine interview with Seasick Mama


Thank you very much to Live Fast Magazine for providing us with this great interview on Seasick Mama. Check it out now and see what she has been up to!

“I was introduced to Seasick Mama by Dan Regan from The Black Banditz when her journey finally brought her to the West Coast. By the time our schedules finally allowed us to meet it was her last day in Los Angeles. So when deciding where to meet up I had only one burning question: Have you been to Château Marmont?!

It was a beautiful day to be chatting amongst the hip and classy while we sat with beers in our leftover festival attire. It was the Monday after Coachella. Needless to say we were spent. We were all chipper though with our game faces on. “Work hard, play hard” became the focus of our interview.

Seasick Mama is not only focusing on her upcoming album and tour dates. She is also the girl behind House of Creatives. It’s a project she started when making her album in the Pocono’s of Pennsylvania. With her record label’s support she invited a hundred of her closest musician friends to come help her. As her friends and supporters came to help her over that month it turned into the House of Creatives. The idea did not stop there. Seasick Mama since then has taken this lifestyle on the road to SXSW and Coachella. The results of these HOC endeavors were documented and should be checked out. We also can’t wait for her debut album. Let’s get to know Seasick Mama a little more…”