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Welcome to 2015, a year of hardcore uproar across the globe. Game Of Thrones is thundering, Governments are crumbling and everywhere we look, stormy clouds are rumbling. But in the midst of all this uncertainty, Chicago’s very own and ever-reliable Felix Da Housecat is back with a brand new album on New York’s No Shame imprint.

A return to the ‘Drive’-inspiring synth-drenched sounds of ‘Ready To Wear’ and ‘My Life Muzik’, Felix’s new ‘Narrative…’ is at turns soulful, introspective, highly charged and sweet like chocolate. Having worked with everyone from P. Diddy to Nile Rodgers, Felix is the consummate studio collaborator.

The album opens with ‘Why Games’, which longtime fans will remember as having the melodic echo of his 1999 classic ‘My Life Muzik’. The bassline and synths are quintessential Felix: early Prince with a touch of electro heartbreak. The album’s big guest star moment, meanwhile, comes from reggae genius Lee Scratch Perry on ‘The Natural.’

Asserting that ‘Narrative…’ isn’t a club record, it’s almost a record for the(e) dawn, with songs like ‘Codeine Cowboy’ and the melancholic, none-more-Felix vocoder-vibe of ‘Is Everything OK’ a reminder that melody beats drops and kicks. ‘Looking For A Reason’s is about how everyone is looking for an excuse to f***, so its about people getting horny in the summertime. And ‘Queer’ “is not about being straight or gay. It’s an attitude of when someone flips out on love, being possessive.

The final piece in the puzzle is the artwork, created by Abdul Qadim Haqq who created artwork for Knights Of The Jaguar/UR and Transmat. Felix wanted three characters featured – NOSTALGIA, HEROINE and PARADOX. These 3 characters are going to be part of the illusion and these songs are all a narrative of his life. And they’re blasting him with it!!! If you look at the art, they’re shooting the blast gun into Paradox on the right. And that’s very important. If people ask what its about, this is part of the story. And for people who don’t know, its great they don’t know! Because they can investigate! Why make a record with no meaning behind it?”

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Felix Da Housecat – Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion
Release Date: July 10th, 2015

1. ?Why Games
2. Lookin 4 A Reason
3. Codeine Cowboy
4. Is Everything Ok?
5. The Natural (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)
6. Candy Talk
7. Karma’s Catchin’ Hell
8. Queer
9. Freakz On Time
10. Turn Off The Television
11. Devon’s Box

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