Dynasty Electric feature with Victoria’s Secret


No Shame artist Dynasty Electric was recently featured on a brand new promotional video for Victoria’s Secret. The song “Golden Arrows” was produced by Ski Beatz and was released in 2011. Check out the video and listen to “Golden Arrows”.


Seth Misterka (Guitar) gives some insight about the lead single and working with Ski Beatz: “Working with Ski Beatz was really amazing, we just had a great creative chemistry right off the bat. As soon as we got together we just kept spinning out song after song. Ski is like a zen master in the studio, and we learned so much from working with him. And we were able to show him all things that we know about like electric guitars, theremin, psych rock etc.. The track “Golden Arrows” was the very first song we wrote together… It reminds a little of old school New York hip-hop like Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, mashing up rock riffs and hip hop beats… Most of the tracks were recorded in Woodstock, NY at an estate Damon was renting. I remember feeling like there was so much music in the air up there, it was almost like you could pluck a song from the sky. The whole thing was a magical experience really.” – skibeatz.com

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