Black Taxi preorder for ‘Electroshock Death Grip’ LP

Black Taxi are all set to release their newest album, Electroshock Death Grip, on September 23, 2014 through No Shame. Electroshock Death Grip is another high-contrast piece for Black Taxi. Most of the songs are danceable pop jams with heavily funked out guitar lines a-la Nile Rogers and Daft Punk. The tracks are fun and rhythmic, but at the same time, laced with the dark, sarcastic lyrics for which Black Taxi is known. Keep your eyes out for the party anthem single and lyric video for “Final Days” coming soon!

Black Taxi also have a fresh set of tour dates that have just been announced. The tour beganĀ in Philadelphia, makes its way up to Seattle through California, and ends in Little Rock, AR.

Check out the album art, track listing and a full list of tour dates below!

1. 21st Century
2. Electroshock Death Grip
3. Final Days
4. Even Further
5. Only Room For One Ninja In This Town
6. Ropes
7. Take Off The Edge
8. Pulseless
9. Glai
10. Into The Night


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