Alex Ferreira releases “Polaridad” music video via Noisey

“Among the happy couples, there’s usually two types: those that have everything in common (they have the same tastes in music, movies, talk alike and sometimes even physically seems like they are related in some way) and those who are complete opposites, but even tough they have such different tastes, their relationship for some reason it works. Obviously this is an absolute generalization that doesn’t describe the relationship of everyone, but it is often the case in many couples. And that’s the main theme of “Polaridad,” the second single from the new album of the Dominican Alex Ferreira , Cinema Tropical .”

Check out the full feature via Noisey here.

Alex will be performing on July 25th at the Diana Theater in Guadalajara, Mexico, along with Ximena Sariñana, and August 4 at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA. Learn more about him on Facebook and Twitter .