Alex Ferreira releases “Cambio” (Acoustic) Video

Alex Ferreira has just released a video of him performing a solo, acoustic version of his newest single “Cambio”. The clip was shot immediately after the filming of the official music video, and recorded in one take. As mentioned before, “Cambio” is the first single off of Ferreira’s No Shame debut, Cinema Tropical (out June 16, 2015).

Longtime fans will find this solo arrangement more in line with the “classic” Alex Ferreira sound, with its more traditional acoustic guitar/vocal accompaniment. Regardless of whether you’re new to Alex or have been following him for years, this performance offers a stark and formidable contrast to the more dance and synth heavy instrumentation of the original.

You can check out the video below, and purchase the “Cambio” single, on iTunes (click here for link).